Why We Love Direct Mail…

and Want You to Love it Too

While there is an infinite number of reasons to love direct mail – the number one reason is…it works!  For several years, as digital marketing grew in numbers, we heard, “this is the end for direct mail” over and over.  In reality, digital marketing has given direct mail new life and meaning.  And, as your Inbox overflows with promotional content and annoying ads pop up every time you search online, direct mail continues to become even more powerful.

We fell in love with mail in 1938, and today, we love it just as much.  Perhaps even more as we challenge ourselves to continue to keep mail creative, relevant, meaningful and successful in today’s digital world.  Come back and visit us often as we share ideas, tips and stories that will make you love direct mail too.

Think Direct Mail Doesn’t Work in Our Digital World?

Think Again! While everything continues to move into the digital world, we hear time and again about living in a paperless world.  Fortunately, (for us) that is not the case at all when it comes to marketing communications. A Canadian company…