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Since 1991 we have been providing the highest quality in plastic card equipment, software, installation, custom integrations, supplies and service in the industry . . . designing turn-key solutions that fit the customer’s needs.

Card Technology’s goal is to deliver objective, effective and practical long-term solutions. We welcome your questions whether it’s on supplies, printers, software or trends in the industry. In turn we will ask you a lot of questions, most likely more than our competitors, but it’s important to gain a total understanding of where you are today and where you need to go tomorrow.

Our commitment to providing the best customer service, and servicing what we sell, is what makes us stand out in the crowd. Our team is always striving to exceed your expectations by providing the best plastic card solution for today and tomorrow.

Help us help you! Answer the simple questions in our product needs assessment guide so we can have a better understanding of your plastic card requirements and budget.

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