Fulfillment Case Studies

Quick Turnaround


This client is a leading manufacturer of hand hygiene and skin care products for healthcare, manufacturing, education, food service and automotive markets. They had a real problem.

Boxes of unfulfilled responses from trade ads for samples were sitting on the floor in the marketing department. They couldn’t get them out when the prospects were hot. They weren’t closing the good leads.

Here’s what we did

We took over the project. We wrote letters that really sold. We fulfilled requests promptly. We created a database to track and evaluate responses from each publication.

But it didn’t stop there

We learned that their rebate and spiff checks often took 2 or 3 months to be distributed. We fixed that. Now they go out within 2 weeks.

Next we developed customer surveys with Costco, Sam’s Club, Pep Boys, BJ’s and other chains to get customer feedback. Information collected from surveys and our analysis helped this client expand their product line and increase shelf space with these retailers.

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Improved Efficiency


  • Ships 40,000 cartons
  • Personalizes 1,000,000 credit applications with store identification
  • Fulfills 80,000,000 pieces

Here was the problem

Our client issues private label credit cards for a major retailer and provides collateral/promotional materials and incentives to help promote the card in their stores, both in the U.S. and in Puerto Rico. They weren’t satisfied with fulfillment. They wanted to get a better job and cut costs. They couldn’t track shipments. And they knew a lot of material was wasted.

Duplicate Shipments Were Common

District sales managers, distribution reps, the field sales team and store employees could place orders. Many duplicate orders were received and shipped.

Actual Fulfillment Was Sporadic

Scheduled shipping dates were not always met resulting in too many costly overnight shipments or stock running low on stores’ personalized credit applications.

Inventory Control Cost Them Money

Inventory of materials was not always up to date and accurate which caused out of stock problems.

They turned to us because we had experience in working with other divisions of their company. They were confident that we had the technology, experience and personnel to do the job right.

Here’s how we solved it

First, we created a new database that would identify possible duplicate or similar orders and that contained all prior shipping information. Now when we spot a possible dupe we have a procedure in place to double-check. Order duplication dropped by 100%, reducing our client’s fulfillment costs.

Orders are now fulfilled on a regular basis as well as hot ones that go out same day. Credit applications are personalized and restocked on a timely basis.

We also improved inventory control, eliminating out of stock items and the need for fast turnaround, overtime printing.

They like us.

Everybody’s a lot happier.

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