Database Case Studies

Dynamic Database


Every month this database job:

  • Receives 400,000 invoices
  • Representing – 100 products – 200 models – 5000 dealers

And the client needs an analysis quickly!

Here was the problem

Our client makes over 100 different electronic components for use in cars and trucks. Of course they knew how many they sold to the manufacturers but, for marketing purposes, they needed to know where each product ended up. By automobile make, model and geographic area.

Yes, they were getting this kind of information. But it took as long as EIGHT weeks for basic information and analysis. That was too long to react to changing conditions, forecasting and purchasing raw materials. This information also plays a very significant role in the success of promotional/incentive programs.

They needed information right now, not in two months.

Here’s how we solved it

First, we built a more dynamic database with logic to enable us to process data quicker. We also added fields to provide increased analysis capability. Now, these 400,000 records per month and year-to-date statistics are compiled within 7 days. We are also able to focus in on detailed data to provide even more information and analysis on trending by option, by month, by dealer and by geographic area. For example, we can tell a dealer in Maine that “X” model sells best with “X options” and the same model sells best with “Y options” in Dallas. This information contributes significantly to helping a dealer order inventory to stock their lot.

Now our happy client can make intelligent marketing and production decisions with data that is 7 days old, not 8 weeks!

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Database Cleaning


Now our client can:

  • Target key decision-makers based on area of specialty – cross-sell specific products
  • Identify lapsed customers
  • Determine the true value of a customer

Here was the problem

Customers include attorneys from corporations and law firms nationwide. Customers purchased more than one product and were in the database multiple times. Updates to the mail file were made by a variety of people for a variety of reasons. However, there was no consistency in the entry process. Marketing wanted to grow sales through more mail campaigns utilizing smaller, more targeted efforts and at a reduced budget.

So they turned to us.

We built a new, more sophisticated database this way

First, we cleaned the lists. We standardized address information including adding missing key codes and eliminated invalid addresses. We eliminated exact and likely dupes and produced a list of questionable dupes for visual review. Next, we appended product and purchase history tables to identify best, reducing volume and lapsed customers by product. Billing and marketing information is updated monthly.

One database is 400,000 top prospects.

Here’s what’s happening

  • Improved response
  • Improved quality of response
  • Improved sales follow-up
  • Increased closure rate
  • Plus as an added bonus, they were able to cut mail costs

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