Creative Case Studies

Yeck Brothers Beats The Control


Here was the problem

Our client had been successfully selling its postage meters to small business through the mail for some time. They tested new packages on an ongoing basis. All offered the 90-day, free trial used in their control package. None were able to beat their control – until they tried a new approach from us.

Here’s how we beat their control

We looked at the product from the prospect’s viewpoint – to find out what was most important to the user and how the product met the user’s needs. Through research we uncovered different hot buttons and established a completely different appeal through messaging and graphics.

The Letter

The letter, the most important piece in the package, was changed to focus on the key benefits we learned from our research.


We shifted the focus in the brochure and, through new copy and graphics, established a broader appeal to a larger audience.

Order Form

The order form was redesigned to make it easier to use. And the offer of the free trial was emphasized to encourage the prospect to act.

The result? Results increased 40%. Our package became the new control.

What about now?

We continue to do many good things for this client. We’ve developed new product introduction, retention, activation, credit card solicitation, and cross-sell mailings. Currently we’re helping them with upgrades, lease renewal and obsolete equipment replacement mailings.

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Mail Programs


  • Increased dealer participation
  • Generated high-quality leads for dealer follow-up
  • Drove more customers into stores

Here was the problem

This manufacturer of farm equipment was getting ready to celebrate their 150th anniversary. Their plan called for the introduction of quite a few new products. The company had a large, full-service, in-house agency. The agency was very accomplished in writing ads, but they had problems in the creation and execution of mail programs to get farmer prospects into the dealership. Dealers were unhappy and reluctant to invest their co-op dollars to participate in the mail program.

So, back in 1989, we were asked to take over the job, but only for maybe two years.

There was a lot to be done

We updated and manipulated databases. We developed and created a better sign-up package for dealer mail co-op dollars. Dealers were able to supplement mail lists with their own prospects. We wrote new dealer personalized mailings for each dealer’s list.

The results:

  • Dealer participation increased
  • The programs improved dealer awareness
  • Many programs generated 10-20% increase in store activity

The two-year trial of our mail ability has lasted from 1989 until now.

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