YBCares Rewards Non-profits

YBCares Rebate Program

You’ve heard a lot about stimulus programs and their lack of effectiveness.

But we have a program that’s guaranteed to be 100% effective. We call it YBCares.

For several years we have been providing creative, database, mailing and fulfillment services to many non- and not-for-profits. Being so close to our community advocates, we feel their recent desperation for funding and want to help.

YBCares is a program to give back to our loyal clients.

You can earn “in-kind” donations based on the work you send our way. The more you spend, the larger the donation you earn.

Here’s how it works. It’s like a rebate program where your percentage of donation increases as your year’s accumulated spending increases. Your donations will be based on paid invoices less any outside purchases such as postage, printing, list rentals, etc.

So whether it’s your mission to fill a civic, social, cultural or other need in the community, consider it our mission to contribute to your cause. We’re giving back to you for all you’ve given and continue to give to the community.

If you have a mail project you’d like to discuss or would like more information on how we have helped reduce costs and increase returns for others, please don’t hesitate to call.

Sherry Hang
937-294-4000, extension 207